Things Destroying the Fabric of the Universe: PETA

Things Destroying the Fabric of the Universe is back at it again!  This time we'll be talking about PETA.  No not People Eating Tasty Animals which I support entirely.  I'm talking about the annoying group of animal lovers who do anything and everything just to get on the news, gross out the rest of us, and be annoying as hell.  Notice that all the people in the picture are white.  This leads me to believe that the crazy "need to create awareness" gene is somehow linked to the gene that causes people to be white.  Therefore I am warning all of you loyal Explodicon readers to avoid having kids with any family with a history of creating awareness freaks or it will no doubt affect your offspring annoying years to come - just like in the case of Queen Victoria and hemophilia.Getting back to PETA,  they're just so GODDAMN annoying.  They're constantly having awareness boners all over the place and subjecting us to the most retarded ideas ever.  Just look at this crap off to the right.  This comic is so ridiculously one-sided and biased, I can't do anything but shake my head everytime I look at it.  Then in recent news, PETA offered to give Ben and Jerry's human breast milk to use in their ice cream.  Also, the leader of PETA wants to be skinned and made into a purse - because I'm assuming she wants to have an awareness boner even when she's 6 feet under.  I only support one stance of PETA's which is . . . . . . . . 
Well at least PETA got one thing right.  I approve of naked hot chicks as much as the next guy and look forward to seeing more of these kind of protests near me soon.  


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